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Greenwich 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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was in consequence of the premature destruction of infirm persons
by the Cholera of the previous year. In 1851, 1852, and 1853 the
mortality was gradually on the increase ; and in the year 1854, the
Cholera having again made its appearance, the deaths amounted to
2,526. In 1855 the number was again considerably reduced, no
doubt from the same cause as before stated for the year 1850; but
for the year 1856 the mortality has been again reduced, amounting
to only 1897, being a saving of 155 lives upon the preceding year.
This is a fact of considerable importance to be borne in mind at
the present time, inasmuch as from the year 1842 to the year 1854
the mortality was gradually on the increase; but since the year
1854 up to the present period the mortality has been on the
decrease; thus showing an improving state of health in the District,
and more particularly so if you take into consideration the increase
of population since the year 1851.
I am not sufficiently sanguine to attribute the whole of this
improvement to health during the year 1856 to Sanitary measures;
nor do I think we can expect for the future so great an immunity
from epidemics; but at the same time there can be no doubt that
much sickness has been prevented by the improvements which have
been already effected.

I now propose, with the assistance of a few tabular forms, to lay before you a more detailed statement of the Sanitary condition of your District during the past year.

Districts.Population, Census 1851.Deaths.Deaths per 1000 including Hospitals and Union House.Deaths per 1000 excluding Hospitals and Union House.
Greenwich East.Greenwich East12628240
Greenwich Hospital2600162282396664119
Union House1000187
Greenwich West.Greenwich West18607 }188003804802521
Dreadnought Hospital193}100
St. Paul, Deptford248996082424
St. Nicholas, Deptford70711432222
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