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Greenwich 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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examination of a gallon of water, made during the present
month, viz.:—
Total amount of solid residue 25.54 grains, composed of—
Organic matter 1.506
Silica 0.053
Oxide of iron 0.633
Carbonate of lime 6.600
Lime 2.974
Magnesia 1.905
Soda, potash, and a few other substances of
little importance 11.383

The main features to be observed in this analysis, as compared with those of 1851 and 1856, will be shown in the following table:— KENT WATER COMPANY.

Date.Solid Constituents, Grains per Gallon.
Total Solid Residue.Organic Matter.Inorganic Matter.
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It will be thus seen that the total solid residue upon evaporation
is even less than in the year 1856. There is a slight increase
in the quantity of organic matter; and, as a matter of course, there
will be a proportionate decrease of inorganic matter.
These favourable results are also borne out by a microscopical
examination, lately made by Dr. Hassall, who kindly forwarded
me a copy of his Report, extracts from which I beg to lay before
you. He says—
"The sample was taken from the service pipe at the Prince
"Regent, High Street, Deptford."

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