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Lambeth 1972

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Health Education in School
Notification of the Health Education Officer's appointment was sent to
all schools in the borough, and a relationship established with I.L.E.A. at the
Lambeth Teachers Centre, to introduce the Health Education Officer to teachers
in the area and to discuss Health Education. Arising from these meetings, teachers
from Junior and Secondary Schools visited the section.
Junior Schools
The Health Education Officer spoke at one Junior School Parent/Teacher
meeting on sex education, prior to the Health Visitor teaching in the school,
and gave anti-smoking education at two Junior Schools on request.
Secondary Schools
Health Visitors continued the health education programmes already in
progress in the following schools :-
Stockwell Manor School
Dick Shepperd School
Vauxhall Manor School
and the Health Education Officer arranged programmes among others on topics
such as drugs, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, at the following
schools, undertaking some talks herself or using outside lecturers—
St. Gerrad's Secondary School (Boys)
Strand Secondary School (Boys)
Vauxhall Manor Secondary School
Teachers are encouraged in every way to undertake health education
themselves, and together with nursing personnel, students, and other staff,
frequently visit the section for advice, to preview films and to see and loan
teaching materials and media available. She gave three talks on pesonal relationship's
and sex education to a teenage group organised by social workers from
the Social Services Directorate.
Health Education to General Public
Care of Medicines
In July 1972 an Exhibit on the safe use of medicines was mounted for
ten days at the Lambeth Festival of Safety. This Exhibit attracted great
interest and a "spot" interview broadcast on Radio London.

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