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Lambeth 1969

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Number of sessions held during the year by

Medical Officers323
Health Visitors3
Sessional General Practitioners2,452
Hospital Medical Staff52
Number of children referred elsewhere885
Number of children on "at risk" register at the end of the year549
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This service was established in 1966 with two weekly clinics for well
women over 35 who were resident in Lambeth.
During 1967 and 1968 increased pathological facilities became available
so that in 1969 five clinics were held every week, three of which were evening
Women of any age who live or work in Lambeth may attend and are
actively encouraged to do so by health visitors. Some excellent publicity leaflets
and posters have been provided by the Women's National Cancer Control
Campaign and the Council for Health Education.
Only ten appointments are made for each session so that in addition to the
smear test each patient has a urine examination, a full gynaecological examination,
and examination of the breasts to screen for early breast cancer. Our doctors
instruct each woman on how to examine her own breasts and there is time also
for discussion of marital problems, if required.
The family doctors are informed of all results, whether negative or
positive, and patients are invited to have a second test after 3 years. In 1969 a
start was made on re-testing those women who had had their first smear test in
In 1969 although 2,257 women asked for appointments only 1,749 actually
attended for examination in the Lambeth clinics. About nine times this number,
however, had smear tests from other agencies, i.e. hospital gynaecological
departments, general practitioners, and family planning clinics.

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