London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Average Results of Chemical Examination Milligrames per litre (unless otherwise stated)

Description of the SampleNumber of SamplesAmmoniacal NitrogenAlbuminoid NitrogenNitrate NitrogenOxygen abs. from KMn04 4 hrs at 27 CB.O.D. 5 days at 20 C
Thames-derived South of River1560.0290.0904.41.27
Honor Oak30.0550.0330.10.39
Description of the SampleHardness (total) CaCO 3Hardness (noncarbonate) CaCO 3Magnesium as MgSodium Potassium as NaSod ium Potassium as KChloride as C1
Thames-drived South of River27977524.25.032
Honor Oak316531114
Description of the SamplePhos phate as PO4Silicate as SiO 2Sulphate as SO 4Natural Fluoride as FSurfaceactive Material as Manoxol OTTurbid ity units
Thames-drived South of River1.89620.200.010.1
Honor Oak17724.0
DescriptionColour (Burgess units)pH valueElectrical Conductivity (micromhos)
Thames-drived South of River157.8560
Honor Oak97.2550
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Water from wells
There are a number of wells in use, the majority of which, however, supply water
used only for industrial purposes. The water from three wells is used for drinking
purposes, or for the preparation of food. Reports of the analyses of water from these
wells are received regularly, and have been satisfactory for the year under review.
The well in Clapham, Rectory Grove, formerly in the old Metropolitan Borough of
Wandsworth, is used if and when required to augment the Metropolitan Water Board
supply. This well is 400 feet deep supplying 15,000 gallons per hour, and was
originally installed in 1927.

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