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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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Articles of nursing equipment are loaned free of charge to persons being
nursed in their own houses. Smaller articles are loaned by the District Nursing
Association, or through the medical loan depots of the Lambeth Division of the
British Red Cross Society, to whom the Council makes a grant for this purpose.

During the year, the following articles of equipment were loaned through the Health Department.

Articles DeliveredReturned
Armchair Commodes21994
Stool Commodes13852
Bed Cradles95
Dunlopillo Mattresses4-
Zimmer Walking Aids62
Back Rests96
Penryn Hoists58
Hospital Beds with lifting pole65
Homecraft Walking Frame105
Fracture Boards (Sets of 4)241
Easicarri Hoists62
Mattresses with covers43
Zimmer Heavy duty Patient Lifter with Sling11
Adult Cot Bed11
Warral Walking Sticks (Tripod)31
Potty Chair1-
Infant Toilet Seat3-
Sanitary Chair1-
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Forty-two fire guards were lent to necessitous families with children under
12 years of age, or to necessitous old, handicapped or blind persons. Seven were
Supplies of incontinence pads have been issued to sixty-one patients in their
own homes, on the recommendation of the family doctor or district nurse. Recipients
must be able to make satisfactory arrangements for the disposal of the used pads.

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