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Lambeth 1964

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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216 samples of imported food have been taken and submitted to the Public Health Laboratory Service for examination for the presence of food poisoning organisms and any indicationjof undersirable bacterial contamination.

Type of FoodNo. of samplesOriginReport
Horsemeat (ex. Hind-quarters, Forequarters,33ArgentinaVarious groups of salmonella
Hearts, Tongues, Livers and Kidneys)8Paraquayorganisms isolated.
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The consignments from which the above samples were taken were dealt with
in accordance with an agreed standard i.e. released unconditionally or released
on receipt of sterilisation guarantees.

Organisms of the salmonella group were not isolated from 128 samples of horse meat etc., and the consignments were released unconditionally.

Type of FoodNo. of samplesOriginReport
Crab legs, meat and claws5Alaska99
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In addition, 575 cartons of Canadian beef lungs and 710 bags of Argentine
beef lungs were imported for human consumption. These were released without
examination on receipt of guarantees that the whole of the consignments would
be sterilised.
Street Markets
Markets are held in The Cut, Lower Marsh, Lambeth Walk and Wilcox Road in
the Inner Wards and in Popes Road, Electric Avenue and Brixton Station Road.
All these are inspected regularly.
Slaughter of Animals Act
No application was made during the year for the issue of a licence under the
provisions of this Act.

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