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Islington 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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(c) Fly and other Infestations
Because of the use of diesel locomotives on the sidings serving the Council's
refuse disposal depot at Ashburton Grove the permanent way, sleepers, etc., became
heavily coated in diesel oil and this resulted in the virtual elimination of fly
nuisance. Regular inspection was carried out but no special treatment has been found
Twenty-three wasp nests were eliminated during the course of the year and no
special heavy infestations of other insects were reported.
There appeared to be an increase in the pigeon population. Complaints continued
to be received of the nuisances caused by pigeons on houses, estates, and other
parts of the Borough by fouling and defacing buildings, windows, courtyards, footpaths.
etc. and thus occasioning annoyance.
Apart from the mess produced by their excreta, pigeons can transmit disease and
do much damage to property. They congregated wherever they could find food. It became
necessary therefore to draw the attention of tenants in areas affected by pigeon
nuisance to these facts and to request them to refrain from feeding pigeons by throwing
out food or allowing it to fall on the ground.
In a number of cases the Council engaged an authorised pigeon catcher in order
that the nuisance might be kept to a minimum
Caravan Sites - Control of Development Act, 1960
One caravan was sited in the Borough throughout the year and was occupied by the
caretaker of a factory. This was a temporary arrangement pending the completion of
building works, which had been delayed until a road widening problem had been resolved.
The caretaker was eventually to be rehoused in permanent accommodation. The site was
maintained in a satisfactory condition.
Smoke Control Areas
Up to the time of amalgamation, 14 Smoke Control Orders had been made by the
Metropolitan Borough of Islington and 5 by the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury,making
a total of 19 orders. It was decided that all future smoke control areas should be
numbered accordingly and be designated "Islington".
The following Smoke Control Orders were made by the Council during the year:Islington
No.20 Order made 29/6/65 )
Islington No.21 Order made 29/6/65 ) confirmed by the Ministry on 16th September 1965
Islington No.22 Order made 29/6/65 confirmed by the Ministry on 30th September 1965
Islington No.23 Order made 17/9/65 confirmed by the Ministry on 8th December, 1965
The detailed surveys of proposed Areas 24, 26 and 27 commenced during the autumn
period and were well in progress at the end of the year.
The Finsbury (No.5) Smoke Control Order came into operation on 1st October and over
200 grants had been approved since the 1st April. A Variation Order known as:"Finsbury
(No.5) Smoke Control (Variation) Order 1965" was made on 23rd November, 1965,
to exclude Farringdon Road Buildings, Corporation Buildings and Compton flats from the
terms of the Finsbury (No.5) Order.

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