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Islington 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Sampling 1962
181 samples (13 formal and 168 informal) were sent to the Public Analyst for
examination. Thirty-one of these samples, or 17.13% were subject to adverse reports
as shown in the summary below. It should be noted however, that with regard to these
adverse reports that a number relates to samples not taken during routine sampling but
the subject of a complaint.


Angelica 2
Acetic Acid1Milk Bottles2
Bread5Pork Pies1
Canned Blackberries1Roasted Peanuts2
" Strawberries1Steak Pie1
Cheese Sandwich1Steak & Kidney Pie1
Chicken & Veal PielSultanas1
Eccles CakelSweets1
Evaporated MilklYoghourt.1
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Meat and Other Foods
No visits by officers of this department were made during the year for the purpose
of inspecting home killed or imported meat at the Metropolitan Cattle Market

In accordance with the requirements of the Public Health (Meat) Regulations, 1924/52, notices were received during the year in respect of the intended slaughter of animals for human consumption. Details of action taken are as follows -

Cattle Excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
Number killed (if known)2031,3055369-646
Number inspected2031,3055369-646
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