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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Staff medical examinations are undertaken on the following occasions.
(a) Entrants to the Established Staff. All persons appointed to the established staff
are medically examined, unless they are already established local authority officers.
In general, non-established staff are first examined as soon as it seems reasonably
certain that they will remain in the Council's employ. They are examined again
immediately prior to joining the establishment.
(b) After sickness. Staff whose sick pay has expired are examined to evaluate the
probability of their return to duty. A report is sent to the appropriate committee.
(c) Age. Certain staff who wish to continue working after the normal age for retirement
are examined to determine their fitness to do so. Motor drivers are examined
at the ages of 55 years and 60 years and thereafter annually.

The following table gives the numbers and results of examinations conducted during 1960.

No. of ExaminationsResults
First examination59Fit for employment61
Second examination12Decision deferred16
Re-examinations of the above7Not fit for employment3
By reason of age2
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A decision is deferred when further observation or investigation of an abnormality
is desirable, or to enable the applicant to obtain treatment for a remediable defect.
In addition 14 examinations were made of 11 persons who had had long periods of
sickness. In all cases the general practitioner was consulted. As a result of these
deliberations, 5 persons were considered to be " incapable of discharging the duties of
their employment by reason of permanent ill health or infirmity of body."

The register of Elderly Holborn Residents which is kept consists of names supplied by persons and organisations interested in the welfare of the aged. It includes members of Old Peoples' Clubs and those who are visited by other organisations. The remainder are visited regularly by the Social Workers. The state of the register at the end of the year was:—

Number on visiting list256
Number known to be active or members of Clubs387
Visited by other organisations227
Total number registered870
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Old people who are fit and well are visited once a year to maintain contact and check
the accuracy of the register. Less able people are visited quarterly or monthly. When
special difficulties arise more frequent visits are needed. From July 1st to December 31st,
720 visits were made by the Social Workers.

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