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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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The following is a summary of the work carried out during the year as a result of Notices served under the Food and Drugs Act, 1955, in respect of food premises:

Premises or parts of premises put in sanitary condition
Articles and equipment put in good order, repair and condition
Notice provided in sanitary convenience re washing hands
Sanitary conveniences cleansed and put in efficient order2
Persons handling food:—
Wash-hand basins provided
Hot and cold water provided
Soap detergents, nail brushes and towels provided
Washing food and equipment:—
Suitable and sufficient sinks provided
Sinks and other equipment cleansed and put in good order
Ventilation of food rooms improved1
Food rooms repaired and put in good condition6
Food rooms cleansed2
Accumulation of refuse in food room removed
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The Milk and Dairies Regulations require every Local Authority to keep a register
of all persons carrying on the trade of distributor in their district and of all premises which
are used as dairies. "Dairy" does not include a shop from which milk is supplied only
in the properly closed and unopened vessels in which it is delivered to the shop, or other
place in which milk is sold for consumption on the premises only. "Distributor"
includes a purveyor of milk whether by wholesale or retail. Most distributors now sell
milk in the bottles and cartons in which they receive it from the wholesaler, and consequently
their premises are not required to be registered as dairies.
Dairies registered during 1960 Nil
Dairies removed from register during 1960 Nil
Dairies on register at end of 1960 1
Distributors registered during 1960 6
Distributors removed from register during 1960 7
Distributors on register at end of 1960 72
Number of above distributors trading from premises outside Borough 25
Inspections made by Inspectors during 1960 26
Formal milk samples taken and submitted for analysis 79
Informal milk samples taken and submitted for analysis 89

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