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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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During the year nineteen applications for grant were approved in connection with
the adaptation of fireplaces in private dwellings within the area. The total cost of the work
for which grants were approved amounted to £163 10s. 3d. of which £49 1s. 1d. was
borne by the Council, £65 7s. lOd. by the Exchequer and £49 Is. 4d. by the applicants.
Holborn Smoke Control Area No. 4
In October, 1960, the Council approved in principle a proposal to establish a smoke
control area in that portion of the Borough enclosed by the boundary line separating
Holborn and St. Pancras and a line commencing from the boundary at Woburn Place
running south-east along Woburn Place and Southampton Row to Theobalds Road,
along Theobalds Road to Gray's Inn Road, and then northerly along Gray's Inn Road
to meet the boundary with St. Pancras. In January, 1961, provisional approval of this
proposal was received from the Minister of Housing and Local Government.
Pharmacy and Poisons Act, 1933
This Act, the Poisons Rules, 1960, and the Poisons List Order, 1952/60, regulate
the sale of poisons, and every local authority is required to keep a list of persons who are
entitled to sell poisons included in Part II of the Poisons List.
During the year 1960, 33 applications were received for retention on this Council's
list. Four applications were received for entry on the list.
Rag Flock and Other Filling Materials Act, 1951
This Act and the Regulations of 1951, require the registration of premises where
specified filling materials are used in connection with certain upholstering and filling
processes, and require premises used for the manufacture or storage of rag flock to be
Four premises in the Borough are registered under the Act, but no premises are
licensed for the manufacture or storage of rag flock.

Housing Acts 1957 and 1959 The following is a summary of action under the above Acts during the year 1960.

Slum Clearance
Houses included in clearance areas8
Houses included in clearance areas and demolishedNil
Houses repaired as a result of action under Sees. 9 and 10Nil
Houses made the subject of demolition ordersNil
Houses demolished as a result of demolition ordersNil
Houses made the subject of closing ordersNil
Parts of buildings made the subject of closing ordersNil
Parts of buildings closed by undertakingNil
Underground rooms made the subject of closing orders5
Underground rooms closed by undertakingNil
Closing orders determinedNil
No. of flats erected by the Council during the year142
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