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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Bacteriological Examinations The Borough Council provides bacteriological confirmation of diagnosis free of charge in connection with certain diseases. This work is carried out by the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, 23 Queen Square, W.C.I, and by the Public Health Laboratory Service at County Hall. During the year 398 specimens were submitted for examination with the following results:—

Diphtheria (Nasal and throat swabs)2222
Dysentery (Faeces)275986
(Faecal swabs)50207257
Food Poisoning (Faeces)33
(Faecal swabs)31215
(Other specimens)55
Streptococcus haemolyticus213
Vincents organisms33
Other pathogenic organisms134
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Infectious Disease Contacts
Where a person is precluded from continuing at work by reason of being a carrier
or having been in contact with infectious disease, benefits under the National Insurance
Act, 1946, are paid only on production of a certificate from the Medical Officer of Health.
It was not found necessary to issue any such certificate during the year.
International Certificates of Vaccination
The International Sanitary Regulations adopted by the Fourth World Health
Assembly on 25th May, 1951, prescribe inter alia that International Certificates, to be
valid, must bear an approved stamp which certifies that the signature of the vaccinator
is that of a doctor.
During the year 525 certificates of persons travelling abroad were authenticated by
the Department. Of these 448 were in respect of smallpox, 47 for cholera, 24 for typhoid,
5 for yellow fever, and 1 for poliomyelitis.
Diphtheria Immunisation
During the year 289 Holborn children completed the primary course of immunisation
against diphtheria, and 60 received boosting doses.

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