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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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TABLE No. 3 Causes of, and Ages at, Death Classification according to the short list of causes of death adopted by the Registrar General in Form S.D.25.

Causes of DeathNet Deaths at the Subjoined Ages of "Residents," whether occurring within or without the District
Under 1 year1 and under 5 years5 and under 15 years15 and under 25 years25 and under 45 years45 and under 65 years65 and under 75 years75 and overTotalsAll ages
1. Tuberculosis, respiratory------------1---11
2. Tuberculosis, other-------------------
3. Syphilitic disease-------------------
4. Diphtheria-------------------
5. Whooping cough-------------------
6. Meningococcal infections-------------------
7. Acute poliomyelitis-------------------
8. Measles-------------------
9. Other infective and parasitic diseases-------------------
10. Malignant neoplasm, stomach------------122325
11. Malignant neoplasm, lung, bronchus----------624--110313
12. Malignant neoplasm, breast2-133
13. Malignant neoplasm, uterus-----------1-1---22
14. Other malignant and lymphatic neoplasms---12--112363213101525
15. Leukaemia, aleukaemia-----1------1---112
16. Diabetes--------------1-1-1
17. Vascular lesions of nervous system-------11-442469131831
18. Coronary disease, angina--------113411568311748
19. Hypertension with heart disease--------------12123
20. Other heart disease------1---245258131427
21. Other circulatory disease----------4--3165914
22. Influenza-------------------
23. Pneumonia1---------12223671017
24. Bronchitis1----------62117411
25. Other diseases of respiratory system----1-----------1-1
26. Ulcer of stomach and duodenum--------------1212i
27. Gastritis, enteritis and diarrhoea------------1--1112
28. Nephritis and nephrosis------2------1--213
29. Hyperplasia of prostate--------------1-1-1
30. Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion-------------------
31. Congenital malformations44211-15813
32. Other defined and ill-defined diseases42---1--224332-3131326
33. Motor vehicle accidents11-_--112
34. All other accidents11-------11-1325
35. Suicide1122---1347
36. Homicide and operations of war----------------11
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