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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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SECTION 2.Births and DeathsSTATISTICS FOR THE YEAR 1960. Population The civilian population, as estimated by the Registrar-General, Mid-1960 was 21,000. Comparable estimates for preceding years are set out on page 14. Registered Live Births

M.F.TotalRate per 1,000 Estimated PopulationProportion per 1,000 Registered Live Births
Total Live Births1011062079.86
Comparable figures for preceding 30 years are set out on page 14.
Registered Still Births
M.F.TotalRate per 1,000 Live and Still Births
Total Stillbirths41523.59
Notification of Births
The following figures for Holborn for 1960 have been supplied by the Divisional Medical Officer of the London County Council:—
Live Births107106213
Total Births Notified111108219
The number of notified births in any year differs from the number of registered births owing to the difference in time allowed for notification and registration.
Deaths—All Ages
M.F.TotalRate per 1,000 Estimated Population
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Comparable figures for preceding 30 years are set out on page 14. The following table shows the age and sex distribution of the total deaths (corrected) in Holborn during 1960.

Age Groups0-11-5-15-25-45-65-75-TOTALS
% of Total5.991.502.622.993.7526.9724.3431.84100
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Average age at death in Holborn during 1960 was 60.20 years.

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