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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Hospitals in the Borough

Name and Address of HospitalTelephone No.Type of HospitalNumber of Beds
Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, W.C.1Holborn 9200Special Teaching Hospital325
The Royal LondonHomoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, W.C.1.Terminus 3091Group 22, N.W. Regional Hospital Board183
The National Hospital, Queen Square, W.C.1.Terminus 7721Special Teaching Hospital229
Moorfields Eye Hospital, High Holborn, W.C.1Temple Bar 6611With Moorfields and Cen-tral Eye Hospital, Special Teaching Hospital100
St. Paul's Hospital, Endell Street, W.C.2Temple Bar 9611With St. Peter's Hospital, Henrietta Street—Special Teaching Hospital48
French Hospital,Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.2Temple Bar 5025-6Voluntary Hospital63
Italian Hospital,Queen Square, W.C.1Holborn 6191Voluntary Hospital53
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Ambulance Facilities
The London County Council, as Local Health Authority, is responsible under Section
27 of the National Health Service Act, 1946, for the provision of ambulance facilities
within the Administrative County of London.
The Home Service Ambulance Department (Order of St. John of Jerusalem and
British Red Cross Society) and the Hospital Car Service act as agents of the County
Council in supplying some of the ambulance and car transport provided under the Act.
The Headquarters of the London Ambulance Service are at The County Hall, Westminster
Bridge, S.E.I.

Ambulances may be summoned as follows:—

(1)Accidents— Sudden illness in the streets, public places or places of employment. (Note—For sudden illness in the home a doctor, not an ambu-lance, should be summoned.)Dial " 999 " (or follow the instructions given on the telephone instrument) and ask for— "AMBULANCE."
(2)Maternity patients (who have booked a bed in a hospital or maternity home)— Very urgent illness in the home (provided a medical practitioner certifies that the case is urgent and arrangements have been madewith a hospital for the patient's admission).Telephone— WATerloo 6000 CENtral 6301 REGent 4000 RELiance 3622 or NEW Cross 2645
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