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Hampstead 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hampstead Borough]

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ACCIDENTS IN THE HOME - Comparative figures 1959-1960

ACCIDENTS IN THE HOME- Comparative figures 1959-1960

Cause of Accident1959196019591960
L.C.C. Div2*County of London
On stairs2102081,1751,221
From ladder2213134113
From chair3041237199
Outside (i. e. windows balconies, roofs, etc.)5455300234
In garden1816305251
In bath332718
From one level to another (i.e. tables, boxes, beds)7760386348
On same level (i. e. in room over objects)1721701,004888
Hit by object1922172184
Cooking Stove (saucepans .water ,fats , etc. )1412125108
T eapot375553
Other boiling water721134129
Electric Shock422626
Poisoning (including foreign objects)4336255318
Knife-like Wounds (including spikes and cuts from glass)4530327321
Windows (trapping)263447
Not specified5941412326
Rate per 10,000 population23. 424. 124. 424. 9
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* Division 2 - Hampstead, Paddington, St. Marylebone, St. Pancras
and Westminster.

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