London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Hampstead 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hampstead Borough]

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Action taken tinder Section 9

RoadEstimated value of houseEstimated cost of repairsResult
Ariel Road£1,700£430Work in progress by owner.
Ariel Road£2,500£610do.
Belsize Road£3,000£1,200Work completed by owner.
Fleet Road£750£370Work in hand by owner.
Fordwych Road£3,000£1,450Notice served.
Gascony Ave.£1,980£690Work being carried out by Council in default of owner.
Iverson Road£3,250£ 1,200do.
Lowfield Road£700£294Work completed by owner.
Lowfield Road£1,500£500do.
Lowfield Road£700£240do.
Loveridge Rd.£2,500£310do.
Loveridge Rd.£2,600£1,100Work in progress by owner.
Maygrove Rd.£2,100£700do.
Priory Terrace£3,180£2,513Premises now vacant. Owner to improve and convert.
Ravenshaw St.£1,500£450do.

It seen that the estimated cost of repairs necessary
in these 15 cases varied greatly- from £240 to £2,513- but in no
case was the cost adjudged to be unreasonable having regard to the
value of the property concerned.
In only two cases did the owners default and the Council was
obliged to prepare specifications for tenders and to instruct builders
to proceed with the works on their behalf.
Housing Act, 195 7. Sections 36 and 90
Whilst increasing use is being made of Section 9, it has been
found that there are considerable drawbacks to the use of Sections
36 and 90 which are intended to deal with houses which are in
multiple occupation.