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Hammersmith 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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Prevention of Poliomyelitis
In the No. 1 Division 21,984 vaccinations against this disease were carried
out by the London County Council during 1962.
A scheme has been formulated by the London County Council to deal with
any possible outbreak of Poliomyelitis in the Hammersmith Area.
Prevention of Tuberculosis
B.C.G. vaccination is offered to all children in their 13th year, with the object
of providing artificial immunity during the adolescent period when young people
are most susceptible to this disease. A total of 1,441 Hammersmith children
received this vaccination this year.
Incidence of Infectious Diseases
44 cases of dysentery occurred during 1962. which is 70 less than last year.
There were no deaths, nor were there any outbreaks.
Food Poisoning
This year there were 22 cases of Food Poisoning. The following agents were
Salmonella Typhimurium 2
Salmonella Heidelburg 1
Salmonella Newport 2
In 17 other cases no specific organism was isolated.
There was only one confirmed case of poliomyelitis in the Borough during
1962. It was found to be of the paralytic type.
In December 1961 and in the early part of the year, many cases of smallpox
were notified in various parts of the country and as a result large numbers of people
required vaccination.
The department was directly concerned in one incident where a passenger from
Karachi was conveyed by coach from London Airport to the Air Terminal. He
was subsequently found to be suffering from smallpox and as the coach was garaged
and maintained at a London Transport garage within the Borough, every effort
was made to protect all possible contacts. The coach itself was disinfected by the
London County Council, who were also dealing with the ambulance which took
the patient to hospital. The maintenance men who had worked on the coach were
vaccinated and advised by the health department; fortunately there were no further
Several firms in the borough who did business in parts of the country where
cases had been notified also made requests for their staffs to be vaccinated. In
all 444 vaccinations were carried out either at the Town Hall or at the places of
business. These vaccinations were carried out by myself with the assistance of
the Council's two Assistant Medical Officers.
In South Wales the disease persisted and was not finally cleared until the end
of April. Altogether there were 24 deaths.

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