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Hammersmith 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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Demolition of the 85 houses in the Mardale/Southbrook Street Slum Clearance
Area commenced during the year and it is hoped that this site will be cleared by
the end of 1962. The Housing Department have made considerable progress in
re-housing residents from this area and by the end of the year approximately 90
families had been found alternative accommodation leaving a further 60 to be dealt
with. The Council propose to erect on this site accommodation for 92 families in
two blocks of 10 storey flats and one of 4 storeys, comprising 88 flats with 2 bedrooms
and 4 flats with 1 bedroom.
The site of the Latimer Road (South) Clearance Area is practically cleared.
Of the 120 families in occupation approximately 100 have now been re-housed.
It is hoped to proved accommodation for more than 300 families in multi-storey
flats but re-development of this site has not been easy and final details have not
yet been settled.
The area north of the Metropolitan Railway Bridge is to be dealt with by the
London County Council.
The Hammersmith (Poynter/Stebbing Street) Nos. 1 and 2, Compulsory Purchase
Orders were submitted to the Ministry and confirmation is awaited. These
cover 6 small sections dealing with a further 61 properties in the Latimer Road Area.
The greatest obstacle to the Slum Clearance programme is the difficulty experienced
in finding acceptable accommodation for the families to be displaced. A
scheme was devised with the London County Council whereby 60 properties would
be loaned to the Council for tenants living in the slum clearance areas, but very
few have accepted accommodation offered.
Several Council tenants have been moved to out-County estates and the properties
thus vacated have been re-let to families from the Clearance Areas.
Housing Act, 1957. Closing Orders
During the year 3 Closing Orders were made in respect of 4 properties and
Closing Orders on 4 properties were determined.
Rent Act, 1957

During the year applications under the above Act were received as follows: — For Certificates of Disrepair

Number received12
Number granted2
For Revocation of Certificates
Number received2
Number granted1
Undertakings given by Landlord
Number accepted10

Sanitary inspections
The sanitary conditions of the Borough were subject to routine inspection and
investigations were made into all complaints received.
Particulars of the visits made by the Public Health Inspectors together with
the number of preliminary and statutory notices and the number of proceedings
instituted are set out overleaf.