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Greenwich 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Concessions—A registered blind person may be eligible for
the following concessions and action is taken by the department
to ensure that they are received: —
(a) An increase in National Assistance Allowance.
(b) An exemption pass on London Transport buses which
allows the blind person and an escort to travel at the cost
of one fare.
(c) A certificate for the exemption of payment of a fee for a
wireless receiving licence.
(d) Provision of a free white stick by the Metropolitan Society
for the Blind.
(e) Free loan of a wireless set by the Society for the Blind.
(f) Free loan of a spark guard.
Many other concessionary facilities are also available for
Registered Blind Persons who are given any necessary help and
advice in taking advantage of them, for example: —
(a) Specialised apparatus such as braille watches, clocks,
playing cards, etc., may be obtained at special discount
terms from the Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Such purchases are often grant-aided by voluntary
(b) The Guide Dog for the Blind Association will both supply
the dog and train the blind person how to use it. Registered
blind persons are exempt from paying dog licences
when the dog is used for guide purposes.
(c) The Nuffield Talking Book Library provides talking books
at a cost of £2 Os. Od. a year. (The Council makes a
capitation grant of 10/- a year in respect of each person
participating in the scheme.)
(d) The National Library for the Blind provides a library
service for Braille and Moon readers. There are also
special magazines for the blind and Braille and Moon
copies of letter-press magazines which are published by
voluntary societies are circulated by the department to
groups of blind readers.
(e) Special facilities are available to enable blind persons to
vote at elections.
(0 Additional Income Tax relief may be claimed from H.M.
Inspector of Taxes.