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Greenwich 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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current year amounted to 10,473 cartons from which 78 samples
were taken before the commodity was sent for canning.
Rumanian Boneless Horse Meat.—Importations of this kind
recently received into the London wharves were causing the Port
Health Authority some anxiety due to its poor bacterial quality.
A small consignment of 348 bags of horse meat arriving at one
of the Cold Stores in the Borough was sampled and found to be
bacteriologically satisfactory.
New Zealand Boneless Veal.—Ten cartons of a small consignment
of 12 were destroyed after being proved to be contaminated
by Salmonella typhimurium.

Dried Egg Albumen and Other Imported Egg Products.— (Conditional Releases.)—Importations of Dried Egg Albumen and other Egg Products continued during the year with the following results: —

Country of OriginQuantity ImportedContainers SampledNo. of Positives
Dried Egg Albumen America5,680x50 lb. cartons5223
612x44 lb. cartons59
111 x 100 lb. cartons15
30 x 120 lb. cartons5
15x150 lb. cartons10
Denmark140 x1121b. drums5
404 x 33 lb. boxes41
80 x 56 lb. cartons8
Sweden40 x 110 lb. drums8
30 x 150 lb. drums3
China120 x 1101b. tins173
Dried Whole Egg America33 x 175 lb. drums13
13 x 100 lb. drums2
12,458x44 lb. tins2414
Poland500 x 44 lb. cartons452
China950 x 1101b. tins752
Holland629 x 100 lbs. bags903
649 x 112 lb. cartons56
13 x 168 lb. drums5
Denmark40 x 50 lb. cartons3
14x40 lb. cartons3
198x39 lb. tins8
Mexico1,678x66 lb. boxes35
South Africa20 x 56 lb. cartons4
Canada12x44 lb. cartons3
Australia40 x 56 lb. tins5
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