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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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carried out by the Lady Public Health Officers during 1961 :—

No. of dirty premises inspected27
No. of verminous premises inspected11
No. of dirty rooms cleansed ?25
No. of verminous rooms cleansed30
No. of verminous persons visited18
No. of verminous persons treated:—Heads29
No. of visits to scabies cases9
No. of visits for Cleansing Service:—First71
No. of articles cleansed43,773
No. of inspections of factories:—(a) with mechanical power40
(b) without mechanical power1
(c) other premises
No. of inspections of Hairdressers' premises41
No. of inspections of Outworkers' premises72
No. of inspections of Houses Let-in-Lodgings1
No. of inspections of Women's Conveniences17
No. of Bathing Centre sessions129
*No. of Baths : at Home1,499
at Centre538
No. of visits to Infirm Persons5,313
No. of visits to Rest Homes, Hospitals, etc78
No. of visits, re: housing36
No. of visits to Food Premises, re: Meals for O.A.Ps40
No. of Miscellaneous visits130
No. of re-inspections, calls made, etc205
No. of interviews at offices198
No. of complaints received38
No. of Intimation Notices served Nil
* 462 Males—1,575 Females

National Assistance Act, 1948.—Section 47 of this Act enables
the Medical Officer of Health compulsorily to remove to hospital or
institution any aged or infirm persons unable, adequately to care
for themselves.
Where delay of even a few hours may prove decisive the
Medical Officer of Health, in accordance with the National
Assistance (Amendment) Act, 1951, is empowered to arrange for
the removal of urgent cases without the necessity of giving 7 days
notice. Orders for removal can be made by a Court of Summary
Jurisdiction or a single Justice on an application certified by the