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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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compared with one for 1960 and a nil return for each of the years
1959 and 1958.
Smallpox.—No deaths from Smallpox have been recorded
during the year, this year being the 59th since a death from this
disease occurred.
Measles.—During 1961 no deaths from measles were recorded
compared with one for the previous year. There were no deaths
from this complaint during the years 1959 and 1958.
Scarlet Fever.—For the fifteenth year in succession there
were no deaths attributed to this cause. One was recorded in 1946,
none in 1945 and one in 1944.
Whooping Cough.—No deaths were credited to this cause
during the current year, a similar position to that obtaining during
each of the previous 8 years.
Two deaths were registered for 1953, none for 1952 and one
for each of the years 1951 and 1950.
Enteric Fever.—There were no deaths arising from this cause
during the year and none have been recorded since 1941. Only 2
deaths from Typhoid Fever have been registered during the last
25 years.
Diarrhoea and Zymotic Enteritis.—Compared with a nil
return for the current year and for the years 1960 and 1959 there
was one for 1958, one for 1957 and a nil return for each of the
years 1956 and 1955.
Diphtheria.—Again it is gratifying to report that there were
no deaths from Diphtheria during the year under review and that
it is now 15 years since one was recorded.
Tuberculosis.—There were 7 deaths from this disease
during the year, giving a death rate of 0.08 compared with 4
deaths and a rate of 0.04 for 1960. The rate for the present year
compares favourably with the average tuberculosis death rate for
the previous ten years, viz., 0.16 and is a further acknowledgment,
if such were needed, of the effectiveness of modern therapeutic
Although in Greenwich the numbers are small and therefore
liable to wide fluctuation, they do reflect the national (trend, for in
1961 the rate for England and Wales in respect of all forms of
tuberculosis was 0.07 compared with a figure of 0.10 for London.