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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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The total number of live births registered in the Borough
during the year was 1,661 and of this number 1,301 occurred in
St. Alfege's Hospital, and 360 in private dwellings. In 843 cases the
parents resided outside the Borough and these births were consequently
transferred to their appropriate districts, leaving a figure of
818. To this must be added 480 births belonging to the Borough
which took place in Institutions outside the Borough, thus making
a final figure for Greenwich of 1,298, an increase of 44 over that of
the previous year. Of this total 666 were males and 632 females.

The following table gives by districts the number of registrations of Greenwich Births during the current year:—

Source of InformationDISTRICTTotal Greenwich Births
EastWestSt. NicholasCharlton & Kidbrooke
Greenwich Registrar's Returns:—28218655295818
Inward Transfers:—
1st Qtr.3213365113
2nd Qtr.3411-72117
3rd Qtr.3817373131
4th Qtr.361271119

The Birth Rate for the year, calculated on the figure of 1,298
births, is 15.28 per thousand of the population, 1.03 higher than
that for 1960. The average rate for the previous ten years is 14.78.
The Greenwich Comparability Factor for births is 0.96 which gives
an adjusted rate of 14.67.
The Rates for the County of London and England and Wales
are 18.7 and 17.4 respectively.
Illegitimate Births numbered 90 (representing 6.9 per cent, of
the total live births) a rise of 24 over the figure returned for 1960.
The number of Still Births registered was 30 (14 males-16
females), which is equivalent to a rate of 22.59 per 1,000 total
births, an increase of 11.55 over that of the previous year.