London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Information concerning the analyses of these samples is given in the following table:—

ArticleHow ObtainedExaminationAction Taken
Bact. or Chem.Result
Cheddar CheeseComplaint by member of the public that cheese contained foreign body.Chem.Sample contained corrugated iron staple which had been in cheese for some considerable time.Warning letter to retailer.
Tomato Purée (canned)Taken from store in Borough.Chem.Some internal corrosion. Tin content below recognised limit.Importer notified.
Boneless Cooked Shoulder Ham (canned)Taken from store in Borough.Bact.Total bacteriologi-cal count more than 1 million per gramme. Coliform count greater than 100 cols./gm.All consignments destroyed.
Butter BeansTaken from store in Borough for sampling after insecticide treatment.Chem.No contamination found.Importer notified.
Grapefruit Segments (canned)Taken from store in Borough after long storage.Chem.Sample edible although discoloured by overheating.Importer notified.
Brisket of Beef (canned)Taken from store in Borough after long storage.Bact.Total count less than 100 cols./ gm. Coliform count less than 100 cols./gm.Importer notified.
Portion of Wrapped Sliced White loafComplaint by member of the public that bread contained foreign body.Chem.Foreign matter consisted almost entirely of aluminium turnings and powder mixed with mineral oil.Warning letter to Baker.
Chocolate DrinkObtained from machine outside dairy.Bact.Total count less than 100 cols./ gm. Coliform count less than 100 cols./gm.Vendor informed that sample was satisfactory.