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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Export Certificates.—Many consignments of meat are exported
from the Cold Stores located within the Borough and each
has to be accompanied by an appropriate " Certificate " to the effect
that such consignments have been examined and are considered fit
for export for human consumption.

During the year 120 certificates were so issued and the following table indicates the country of origin of the samples, their destinations and the amounts involved:—

Country of OriginCertificates IssuedTotal Weight of Meat Exported
New ZealandCyprus32321,604 lbs.
AustraliaCyprus28322,890 lbs.
ArgentineSaudi Arabia28131,765½ lbs.
Hong Kong1
ScotlandGermany13,648 lbs.
IrelandCyprus172 lbs.
EnglandSaudi Arabia150 lbs.
AmericaHong Kong139 lbs.

Food and Drugs Act, 1955.—In accordance with the Council's
contract with the Public Analyst, 475 samples were presented for
examination, of which 77 were obtained in accordance with the
Public Health (Imported Food) Regulations. The remaining
samples, consisting of 42 formal and 356 informal were obtained
in the normal course of sampling.
Of all the samples obtained, 26 were considered by the Public
Analyst to be non-genuine and of this total, seven were in respect
of imported foods not on sale to the general public. In these
instances representations were made to the importers and the
matters brought to the notice of the various Trade Commissioners.
Of the remaining 19 non-genuine samples, all informal, 7 were
incorrectly labelled and have therefore been excluded from the
calculation of the adulteration figure which at 3% shows an increase
of 1.5% over that of last year.