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Greenwich 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough.

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General Code applicable to all Food Premises
Provisions of the Code of Hygiene for food-handlers, which
must be observed by members and applicants for membership of the
Guild. The following code is in addition to the requirements of Sec.
13, Food & Drugs Act, 1938 ; Public Health (Meat) Regulations,
1924-48 : L.C.C. By-laws relating to Vendors of Fried Fish ; and
The Ice Cream (Heat Treatment) Regulations, 1947-48, as they shall
separately apply.
1. Premises.
All processes of the business shall be conducted in such a manner
as to ensure the highest possible standard of hygienic handling and
distribution of food, and the building appurtenances and equipment
be maintained in such a condition as to be conducive to such
2. Display Shelves and Counters.
All shelves, counters and fittings shall be kept clean at all times.
Stocks of food kept thereon shall be changed and kept in such fresh
condition as to prevent infestation or spoilage by mites, weevils or
other pests.
3. Vermin and flies.
Premises shall be kept free from all vermin, cockroaches, flies
and other vectors of contamination ; nor shall the accumulation of
materials likely to form rat or mice harbourage be permitted.
4. Yards, Sheds and Animals.
All yards used in conjunction with the shop shall be properly
paved and drained and kept clean at all times. Any shed or room
used for the storage of food or containers shall be maintained in
a weatherproof and cleanly condition. No dog shall have access to
food intended for human consumption.
5. Bins for Refuse and Trade Waste.
All shops shall be provided with an adequate number of metal
bins furnished with tight fitting lids for storage of refuse or waste
material. The bins shall rest on a smooth concrete or other approved
impervious base, and except during the acts of filling or emptying,
each lid shall be retained firmly in position. Bins must be
situated in the open air and maintained in good repair. Each bin
shall be cleansed and disinfected on each occasion it is emptied.
6. Exposure and Handling of Unwrapped Food.
Where unwrapped food is displayed this shall be in such a
manner as to prevent the customer handling or otherwise contaminating
it. Unprotected food shall not be exposed outside the premises.