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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The Unit functioned at the Mass Radiography Centre, 20 Golden
Lane E.C.I for about seven months in the year, and during the
remaining months it visited firms and organisations which included a
co operative Survey at the Finsbury Health Centre, by kind permission
of the Public Health Committee of the Borough of Finsbury when nearly
four hundred firms participated and 4,004 men and 2,546 women were
X-rayed. The Unit also participated in the Special Campaign at Stepney
arranged during October/November 1960. During the year under review
nearly three thousand new firms were advised of the Mass Radiography
Service and produced satisfactory results.
General Practitioners have continued to use the Unit's services
and such cases have produced an incident rate of 23.08 per 1,000
Anyone wishing to obtain information on the Mass Radiography
Service should communicate with the Organising Secretary. Mass Radiography
Unit 6D, Finsbury Health Centre, Pine Street, E.C.I. (Tel, No.
TERminus 0031 Ext.9)."
Information kindly provided by Dr.W.D.R.Thompson, Chest Physician).
During the year 1960 a total of 2,147 patients were seen in the
Chest Clinic Of this total, 124 attended for the first time as
contacts of notified cases, and a further 150 were re examined as
routine contact checks.
The number of new cases of tuberculosis taken on the clinic
register during the year amounted to 38, of which 33 were pulmonary
and 5 non pulmonary. 25 of these pulmonary cases proved to be infectious.In
addition to these cases a further 21 notified cases (20
pulmonary, 1 non pulmonary) were transferred into the borough from
other clinics and hospitals.

The number of notified cases shown on the clinic register at 31st December 1960 was as follows:-

RespiratoryNon respiratoryTotalsGrand Total
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The previous years total was 269.
During 1960 there were 10 deaths (males), 5 higher than 1959.

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