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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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One striking change that has occurred over the past 20 years, has
been the rarity of deaths in recent years of those under 45, and
another is the few cases of Tuberculosis in an infectious state now
living at home, and therefore a source of potential danger to the
community. On a recent analysis only 8 such cases were known, whereas
not so many years ago there must have been many times this number.

In 1960 36 new notifications were received, and their age and sex distribution was as follows:-

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The non-pulmonary cases included three cervical glands, one
pelvis and one rectum. The notification rate of all forms of T.B. was
10.7 per 10,000 as against 6.0 for the whole country (1959). The total
number of cases remaining on the Register after adjustment for deaths
and transfers were, on the 31st December 1960.
Males Females Total
Pulmonary 148 102 250
Non-pulmonary ... 10 6 16
158 10S 266
The details of each case were obtained by the Tuberculosis Visitor,
and by the kind co-operation of the London County Council made available
to the Public Health Department and any preventive measures
possible co-ordinated in this way.
There were 4 deaths during 1960 as follows:-
(a) from pulmonary Tuberculosis:-
(1) A Male aged 52 who was notified six weeks before he died.
(2) A Male aged 52 from a Common Lodging House in the Borough but
who was not notified before his death, in the Hospital to
which he was admitted.
(b) from Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis:-
(1) A Male aged 52 (A Cypriot) who died from a Tuberculer spine
and was not notified prior to death.
(2) A Female aged 42 who died of Tuberculer spine and was not
notified prior to death.

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