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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The work of disinfestation has covered a very wide range of insects etc. and during 1960 a total of 378 premises were treated, including the following:-

Bed Bug152
Beetles (various types)38
AntsAnts 19
Routine spraying of vacated Council properties 100.
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Routine spraying of vacated Council properties 100.
The Borough Council continued the operation of the Bathing Centre
in the Health Centre for the treatment of verminous conditions,
including Scabies The arrangements whereby school children were
treated on behalf of the London County Council under the supervision
of a nurse appointed by them, continued until October 1959 when the
nurse responsible for this work was withdrawn by arrangement with that
Council, and the supervision continued by the nurse appointed by the
Borough Council, who has undertaken throughout the supervision of the
work in connection with cases, other than schoolchildren and such
Home Visiting as has been necessary In February 1960 however,, the
London Countv Council decided to discontinue the use of this centre,,
on account of the small numoer of children from this district required
to attend
Arrangements were also continued for the treatment of cases on
behalf of the Shoreditch Borough Council.
The incidence of both scabies and body lice has remained low,
although a considerable number of children, mainly dealt with by the
London County Council as Education Authority, are found with head lice-
Home visiting has only been carried out in connection with the
somewhat rare cases of persistent or recurrent infestations in the
same family
In 1960 the total number of treatments given was
For Finsbury cases For Scabies 49 for head lice 83 for body lice
For Shoreditch cases " " 18; " " Nil, " " " 1
Nearly all the cases of body lice were casual residents from a
common lodging house, some of whom were sent on suspicion only as being

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