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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Many firms arrange for some work to be undertaken as outwork
either under contract by other factories or by homeworkers and. in
order to check the spread of vermin or infectious disease, information
as to such outwork must be supplied in relation to certain classes of
work Because smallpox and scarlet fever, the two diseases considered
most likely to be spread in this way are no longer of serious concern
and verminous premises only infrequently discovered, the supervision
of outwork has become of less importance than heretofore and no
formal action has been required in any case for many years, though
occasionally by arrangement with the firms concerned, a few articles
which might have been in contact with infectious disease have been
disinfected or destroyed


Nature of WorkSection 110Section 111
No of outworkers in, August list required by Sect. 110(i)(c).No. of cases of default in sending lists to the Council.No.of prosecutions for failure to supply lists.No.of instances of work in unwholesome premises.Notices served.Prosecutions.
Wearing apparel Making etc.1,284
Household linen11
Umbrellas etc.23
Artificial flowers16
The making of boxes or other receptacles or parts thereof made wholly or partially of paper126
Brush making18
Feather sorting10
Carding etc,. of buttons etc.57
Cosaques, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Stockings, etc.13
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