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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Overcrowding cases reported.32
No. of Basement rooms inspected.383
No. of House inspections.1,194
No. of House-to-House inspections.26
Total No. of first visits for all purposes.4,910
Total No. of re-visits for all purposes.7,072
No. of complaints received.920
No. of Intimation Notices served.585
No. of Nuisance Notices served.31
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Legal proceedings were instituted on 32 occasions for noncompliance
of Nuisance Notices from 1956 to 1959, but in no case was
such action necessary in 1960.
During the 5 year period several urgent matters arose which can
now be dealt with under the London County Council (General Powers) Act
1955, In such cases after service of the Notice the Council has
arranged for the abatement of the nuisance, and the recovery of the
cost. In 1960 3 such notices were served in connection with general
matters and 7 in relation to stopped drains.
Extensive rebuilding and alteration to existing industrial.
commercial and residential properties has been going on since the war
and continues to take place. This necessitates numerous visits to
building sites and discussions relating to compliance by building
contractors with the London County Council Drainage and W.C. Bye-Laws.
Ninety-nine drainage plans were approved by the Council during
1960 and 1,946 visits were made by the Public Health Inspectors in
connection with the supervision of work in progress. The following
table is an indication of the extent of the work carried out during
the year.
Drains laid or amended, ... 150
Soil & Vent pipes erected. ... 157
Drains or Soil pipes tested. ... 227
Waste Pipes erected. ... 228
Waterclosets erected. ... 664
Urinals erected,, ... ... 51
Lavatory Basins fixed. ... 731
Sinks fixed. ... 584
Baths installed. ... ... 376

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