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Deptford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Deptford Borough]

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Seven persons were buried under the provisions of this Act during
Removal of Aged and Infirm Persons to Institutions
Section 47 of this Act provides for procuring the necessary care and
attention for the aged and chronic sick by means of an order of the Court.
Several cases were removed either to hospital or County Council homes
for the aged after persuasion, but it was not necessary to invoke Section
47 during the year.
Services for Old People
During the year two lady visitors were engaged in visiting the old people
and dealing with their health and welfare problems.
Six hundred and twelve old people were visited and these are mainly
old folk to whom the attention of the Department has been drawn in one
way or another, e.g. medical practitioners, district nurses, home help
organisations, etc. Close co-operation is maintained with the Deptford
Old People's Welfare Association in order to avoid unnecessary duplication
of visits.
A total number of 5,196 visits were paid during the year (Miss Ellison
2,881, Miss Smith 2,315), an increase of 1,519 over the previous year.
This increase was partially due to the fact that Miss Smith was engaged
for a full year for the first time.
Home baths were started and an additional bathing station attendant
engaged, and during the year 613 old people were bathed in their homes
and 305 at the Bathing Station.
Ninety-nine old people on our register died during the year and a further
60 were admitted to hospitals or homes. Thirteen removed from the
Borough and 12 were deleted from the list on transfer to other organisations'
visiting lists. At the end of the year 428 people were on the active
list of our visitors.
The laundry service for the aged and incontinent was greatly improved
during the year and details of the service are shewn in the Laundry section
of Section " C " of this Report.
The Voluntary Services in the district provide some assistance and
recreation for old people. The W.V.S. have organised five " Darby and
Joan Clubs in various parts of the Borough so that one or more is within
reasonable reach of persons living in any part of the district. In addition,
the Albany Institute Old People's Club, although situated just beyond
the Borough boundary, is patronised mainly be Deptford people.
A " Meals on Wheels " service is carried out in co-operation with the
Women's Voluntary Services Organisation. Meals are provided to over
300 old people each week. The meals are obtained from a local restaurant
at a cost of 2s. per meal, for which the individuals pay Is. and the London
County Council pay a subsidy of Is. per meal. 24,365 meals were provided
during the year.