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Bethnal Green 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bethnal Green Borough]

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SANITATION Owing to the concentration of available building labour and materials on new housing construction, the remedying of nuisances and sanitary defects has been rendered difficult and it will be noted that there has been a substantial increase in the number of complaints.

1936-8 average1939174019411942194719441945
Infectious disease land food poisoning20748654046639301221694685
House-to-house inspection672451-4--41105
Total visits:44,60844,95432,62731,27736,36833,09230,72332,107
Premises where nuisances abated56574658359231723585318428142831
Preliminary notices55756234431235854280367528374030
Nuisance notices24743109187816471623135510421529
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The disinfecting staff sprayed 585 rooms and disinfected
18,082 articles.
The Personal Cleansing Station continues to be very well
used for the treatment of cases of Scabies, as many as 124 men,
367 women, and 271 children attending for this purpose and
having a total of 1689 treatments.
Three nurseries are now in operation in the borough.
Difficulty continues to be experienced in obtaining adequate
and suitable staff but despite this and other adverse circumstances,
the nurseries continue to perform a valuable function
in child care and nurture.
Finally, although my tenure of office has been so brief,
I appreciate very much the co-operation and goodwill that
exists in the administration of the Borough. In the Public
Health Department I have particularly to express my thanks to
the Chief Administrative Assistant, Mr. Lloyd, and the Senior
Sanitary Inspector, Mr. Billings, who have helped me in every
possible way.
Acting Medical Officer of Health.

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