London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bethnal Green 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bethnal Green Borough]

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Metropolitan Borough of Bethnal Green
as on 31st December, 1950.
Meetings held at the TOWN HALL on the first Wednesday,
at 6 p.m.
*Councillor Miss L. D. Benoly, J.P., Chairman.
*Councillor C. Bennett, Vice-Chairman.
Alderman T. F. H. French. * Councillor Mrs. K. E. Rawles,
„ C. Fursse. M.B.E.
Councillor T. Brooks. * „ Rev. Preb.
„ C. Calnan. S. L. Sarel, M.A.
* „ Miss M. E. E. James, * „ A. J. Sharman.
J.P. „ T. P. Spring.
„ R. Larkins.
Ex-Officio Members of the Public Health Committee:
(The Mayor and Chairmen of other Standing Committees of the

*His Worship the Mayor (Councillor R. E. Pearson, j.p., l.c.c.)

BathsCouncillor G. Bayley, J.P.
Electricity,, L. Haltrecht.
Finance„ J. R. Davy.
Law and General Purposes„ M. R. Seymour,A.C.A.
Public Libraries„ A. C. Rawles, M.C.
Housing„ Mrs.K. E. Rawles, M.B.E.
Staff,, G. Edmonds.
Street Trading„ A. J. Sharman.
Valuation„ C. bennett.
Works and Stores„ T. Brooks.

The Public Health Committee is also the Statutory Committee
to which all matters relating to Maternity and Child Welfare
stand referred.
*Members of Public Health Sub-Committee (for Maternity and
Child Welfare, Tuberculosis and other matters).
Council Representatives on Joint (Tuberculosis) Dispensary
Councillors C. Bennett, Miss L. D. Benoly.
and Rev. Preb. S. L. Sarel.