London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Battersea 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea Borough]

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Personal Cleansing Station.
There are facilities for treatment of scabies and verminous conditions
at the Personal Cleansing Station, Sheepcote Lane. During
the year 367 treatments were given to persons suffering from or contacts
of scabies—143 to adults, 173 to school children, and 51 to children
under school age.
In addition to the above, 119 adults and 1,293 children found to
be verminous were cleansed. Of the 1,293 children, 1,255 attended
from local schools by arrangement with the London County Council,
Who have entered into a contract with the Council for the use of the
Personal Cleansing Station. The cleansing and treatment of the school
Children is carried out under the supervision of officers of the London
County Council, while the disinfestation of clothing and, if necessary,
of the homes is carried out by the Borough Council's staff.

The following table shows the number of treatments at the Personal Cleansing Station and the expenditure incurred since 1950:—

YearAdultsChildren*Expendi-ture*Amount Contributed
Verminous and ScabiesVerminous and Scabies££

Financial year ending 31st March. Other columns, calendar year.
The contract with the London County Council, referred to above,
provides for the payment by them of 3s. 6d. for each treatment given.
whether for vermin or for scabies, with a minimum payment of
£500 annum.
Arrangements have been made with the Wandsworth Borough
Council, and the Lambeth Borough Council, for certain of the residents
in those Boroughs, who require treatment or cleansing, to attend at the
Battersea Personal Cleansing Station, the cost of this service being borne
by the respective Boroughs in the which the patients are resident.
During the year, 91 treatments were given to Wandworth residents
and 82 treatments to Lambeth residents.