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Battersea 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea Borough]

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Rag and Bone Dealers.
Three offences against that part of the bye-laws of the London
County Council which prohibits the giving of toys in exchange for
rags, &c., were reported during 1934, the offenders in each case
being itinerant traders. In one case a false name and address had
been given and the delinquent could not be traced. The second case
was dealt with by cautionary letter, and in the third legal proceedings
were instituted, the result of which is shown on page 71.
Rag Flock Acts, 1911 and 1928.
These Acts were passed to prevent the use of material known
as rag flock, unless such material complies with the standard of
cleanliness laid down in the Act.
No proceedings were taken under these Acts in Battersea
during 1934.
Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919.
This Act, which became operative on the 1st January, 1920,
imposes on local authorities and occupiers of premises additional
responsibilities in connection with rat repression.
The work carried out during 1934 under the Council's Rat
Repression Scheme is summarised as follows :—
Premises visited 1,952 Contracts made or
Poison baits used 17,150 renewed 10
Dead rats found 1,278 Value of contracts £177 0 0
Cash for poison bait, &c. £8 5 4
Total expenditure (financial year 1934-35) £493 18 6
Income (financial year 1934-35) £132 8 1
Drains were tested at 96 premises in connection with this
work, and in 72 cases defects of more or less serious character
were found. The presence of rats in houses is usually regarded as
prima facie evidence of drain defects. The work of the Rat Officer
therefore is carried on in close co-operation with that of the district
Sanitary Inspectors.
As in previous years an intensive effort for the repression of
rats was organised during "Rat Week" (5th to 10th November).
Bait was laid in the sewers, and was supplied to all applicants
during the week free of charge. The co-operation of the public
was invited by posters and advertisements. The results were good,
considerable numbers of rats being found dead.
Destruction of Pigeons.
By section 52 of the London County Council (General Powers)
Act, 1927, the Council have power to destroy doves or pigeons
congregating in such numbers as to cause nuisance, annoyance or
damage, subject to certain limitations imposed by the Act.
During 1934, at the request of the Southern Railway Co., the
Council undertook the destruction of pigeons infesting and causing
damage and loss at the Company's goods depot at Vauxhall,
Over 2,000 birds were destroyed.

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