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Fulham 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Fulham Borough]

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By taking all possible precautionary steps in relation to plant,
stocks of coal, siting of stocks and type of coal and other materials
from which dust can blow, and in training those responsible for
stoking, considerable improvement can be effected. On the other hand,
smoke from domestic chimneys in cities makes very considerable contributions
to the general pollution. The increased use of smokeless
fuels are costly and in short supply so the possibility of a smokeless
zone in Fulham is a target for the future - the not too distant futur e
- it is to be hoped.
Regular inspections of factories, both mechanical and nonmechanical
have been carried out and special attention has been paid
to new factories.
Much has been done to improve the sanitary conditions in factories
by the provision of additional sanitary conveniences and lavatory (hand)
basins with hot and cold water, and experience has shown that these
additional amenities are appreciated and used.
Factory canteens have been enlarged and improved, morning
"breaks" and mid-day meals can be taken in a more congenial atmosphere
in many places.
Many factories are close to residential property and when
nuisances have arisen, managements have co-operated with the Council
in reducing noise and vibration, especially at night.

Although the standard of the larger factories is high, there are still a number of small factories where little can be done to improve working conditions due to lack of space and congestion.

PremisesInspectionsNo: of written notices
Factories without mechanical power (initial visits)94_
Factories with mechanical power (initial visits)49_
Other premises under the Act (building operations and works of engineering construction)2_
Number of re-inspections of all factories1,150_