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Chelsea 1963

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1963

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Section 121 of the Public Health (London) Act, 1936, empowers the
local authority to seize and destroy pigeons believed to be ownerless
and where they congregate in numbers in excess of that considered
reasonable® Reducing the excessive number of pigeons is not obligatory
although in years past the Council made use of direct labour for the trapping
and destruction of birds in addition to the use of individual approved pigeon
catchers who operated without charge. This practice was discontinued on
the instruction of the Public Health Committee several years ago resulting
in action being limited to advice as to methods of proofing buildings or
supplying information in respect of firms either undertaking destruction or
proofing buildings against roosting and nesting. Proofing is not by any
means a solution it merely drives the birds from one building to a
neighbouring one. Much time is spent interviewing persons known to feed
pigeons and endeavouring to discourage the practice. Results unfortunately
are not always rewarding for there appears to be a firm although misguided
opinion that if not fed the pigeons will die of hunger and there is of
course no legal grounds to enforce discontinuance of the practice. Unsuccessful
attempts have been made elsewhere to deal with the feeding on
the highway as an offence under the Litter Act, 1958.
The following new Acts, Regulations and Orders, which relate to the
work of the Public Health Department became operative during the year:-
Animal Boarding Establishments Act, 1963.
London Government Act, 1963.
Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act, 1963.
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1963.
Bread and Flour Regulations, 1963.
Ice Cream (Heat Treatment, etc.) (Amendment) Regulations, 1963.
Liquid Egg (Pasteurisation) Regulations, 1963.
Meat Inspection Regulations, 1963.
Milk (Special Designation) Regulations, 1963.
Public Health (Aircraft) (Amendment) Regulations, 1963.
Public Health (Ships) (Amendment) Regulations, 1963.
Poisons List Order, 1963.
Poisons Rules, 1963.
Soft Drinks Regulations, 1963.

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