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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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which may be summarised as follows:-
(a) Milk should continue to be sold as it comes from the
cow except for separated and other grades, which must be clearly
(b) Efforts should be made to improve the quality of milk both
with regard to fat and solids.not.fat, though the committee is more
concerned about the solids.not.fat than the fat contents
(c) The presumptive minimum standards should in five or ten
years time become minimum legal standards for sale to the consumer?
(d) The Hortvet Freezing test should be made legal subject to
certain provisosg
(e) Differential payment schemes should be introduced
according to the quality of the milks
(f) Better provision should be made for the testing both of
bulk and of individual cow milks.
The Food Standards Committee Report on Bread and Flour occupies
19 pages and includes 24 general recommendations regarding flour
and 10 regarding bread, but it also contains 51 pages of Appendices,
The main provisions are that all flour required to be fortified at
present should continue to be fortified for the present and that no
change should be made in the quantities prescribed, that all sampling
should be made at mills or docks, and that only certain bleaching and
improving agents should be permitted. It is recommended that there
should be a statutory list of ingredients permitted to be used in
bread, that descriptions of "protein", "milk" and "Slimming" breads
should be controlled, and that exaggerated claims for enrichment or
energy.producing qualities of bread should be prohibited,
I have the honour to be,
Mr. Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen;
Your obedient servant,
Public Analyst.

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