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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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To the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors of
The Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea.
Your Worship, Ladies and Gentlemen,
During the year I960, 4.00 samples of food were examined, 19
of which were taken formally and 381 informally,,

Adverse comments were made against 10 samples and the incidence of adulteration or incorrect labelling may be classified as follows:-

Number of samples examined.Number of samples adulterated.
Other food2009
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A sample of milk contained a few small pieces of bread and some
bread crumbs, but from the condition of the milk and the bottle it
was thought that the bottle had been through the cleansing machine.
It was impossible to say how the crumbs had gained access, but they
appeared to have entered the milk after bottling.
A milk cocoa beverage contained 15.3 per cent of total solids,
but only 1.36 per cent of total fat, including the fat present as
cocoa butter. The quantity of separated milk was therefore greater
than that of the full cream milk and the order of disclosure of the
ingredients was incorrect. The packers later stated their attention
had been drawn to the matter previously and agreed to amend the label
accordingly when new bottles were obtained. The label of a Strawberry
Milk Shake was considered incorrect in that it contained more artificial
flavour than natural flavour. The word "Flavour" should be included in
the description.
A complaint was received concerning the condition of "new.laid"
eggs purchased in Chelsea, and a fried egg and its shell and an unbroken
egg were submitted for examination. The fried egg contained a large purple.
brown body adjoining the yolk of the egg, which consisted of a chick embryo.
An embryo of this size may develop within 2 to 3 days if a hen is allowed
to sit on the egg.
A slice of bread contained foreign matter which was found to consist
of burnt starch, probably derived from a baking tin, which had worked its
way just inside the loaf as it rose in the oven.
A piece of rump steak was submitted because of a complaint that it
was contaminated with insect eggs. Examination showed that frying oil
for cooking had been poured onto the steak while frozen, and that minute
globules of the solid stearin of the fat had frozen out as a result.

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