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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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Origin and preparation of food causing illness was in the
kitchen of the grammar school. A fresh beef joint was supplied to
the school and cooked the same day. After cooling it was kept in
the refrigerator overnight. The next day it was (in part) sliced
up and served with gravy for a luncheon meal. The consumers of this
meal remained fit. Most of the remainder of the joint was then minced,
mixed with the remaining gravy from lunch and spread into sandwiches.
The sandwiches were kept overnight on the shelf of the pantry and issued
for use the following morning to the two locally notified cases and to
thirty-four boys and staff visiting London that day.
Probable origin of infection or contamination of food was the
kitchen, contributory factors being unsatisfactory food storage
arrangements on the night before the party came to London.. Although
present, refrigeration accommodation was inadequate for the purpose
on that occasion,.

Results of laboratory investigation carried out at the school were as followss-

VomitStaphylococcus untypable isolatedÔÇ×
Food Samples -Sliced cold beef - staphylococcus aureus isolated.
Food Handlers -Negative with the exception of one handler - Nose swab - staphylococcus of a different type to the food samples was isolated.
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8 cases of salmonella infection were brought to the notice of this
Department during the past twelve months.These are cases which have
symptoms and although a food poisoning organism is isolated from the
faecal specimens, food is not considered to be the vehicle of the
infection, which is caused through case-to-case contact or by crossinfection,,
A summary of these cases is now supplied annually to the Ministry
of Healtho A copy of this year's return is submitted below.


Salmonella (type)OutbreaksNo. of casesSingle CasesTotal No. of Cases (outbreaks and single cases)
Typhimur ium---55
Not specified---11
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