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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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The Council"a first Smoke Control Order (The Chelsea (Church Ward)
Smoke Control Order, 1959) was confirmed, without modification, by the
Minister of Housing and Local Government on the 26th January, I960, and
became operative on the 1st November, 1960o The area covered by the
Order comprises approximately 93 acres and is bounded on the north by the
centre of Fulham Road9 on the eaat by the centres of Draycott Avenue,
Whiteheads Grove and Markham Street, on the south by the centre of King's
Road and on the west by the centre of Old Church Street. Included in the
area are 3,948 domestic dwellings, 196 commercial premises and 14 industrial
Immediately after receipt of the Minister's confirmation, a circular
letter was sent to all householders in the area where fireplaces required
adaptation or replacement, notifying them accordingly, and advising as to
the procedure for obtaining grant0 During the early months after the
Order had been confirmed few applications for approval of proposed works
were receivedo It was decided therefore, in late June, to circularise
all householders, reminding them that in order to rank for grant works of
adaptation or conversion must be approved and carried out before 1st
November, 1960. This action brought about a considerable improvement in
the number of applications submitted and by the end of the year approvals
had been issued in respect of 1419 dwellings concerning 1564 appliances,
which represented 73% of the total fireplaces requiring adaptation or
replacemento In addition to the works approved by the Council, there
were some 53 dwellings where the occupiers had not applied for grant-aid,
having carried out the necessary works at their own expense or provided
alternative means of heating by supplying portable oil or electric appliances.
In accordance with the provisions of Section 12(2) of the Clean Air
Act, 1956, 28 notices were served requiring works of adaptation to fireplaces
which were considered reasonably necessary to avoid contravention of the
provisions of Section 11 of the Act.
The Council, at its meeting on the 16th November, I960, agreed in
principle to make Hans Town Ward its second Smoke Control Area, and the
Town Clerk was authorised to supply the Minister of Housing and Local
Government with all necessary particulars of the Council's proposals, in
order to obtain his consent to a detailed survey of the Ward being undertaken.
Hans Town Ward covers approximately 110.6 acres, accommodating
approximately 8,620 persons,, and contains 3,294 domestic dwellings
(including 320 Council dwellings), 366 commercial premises, 10 industrial
premises,4 schools, educational and cultural establishments, 6 Crown

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