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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 44 -
STREET TRADING - Licensed and Unlicensed Stall-holders.
Traders are licensed annually to operate from established sites
in the Borough in accordance with the provisions of Part IV of the
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1947, and providing
requirements are fully observed, licences are renewed on receipt
of applications.
A number of licensees are concerned with the retailing of
food, and in such instances the Council's Public Health Inspectors
are particularly attentive to the conditions prevailing at storage
accommodation, whilst steps are taken to ensure that all equipment
is hygienically maintained.
The practice of smoking while handling food has been
considerably reduced as a result of the verbal and written warnings
issued by the Public Health Inspectors throughout the year.
It is desirable that food displays should not be sited too
near pavement surfaces, and it is stressed, under the Food Hygiene
Regulations, 1955, that the permitted minimum height of such
displays is 18" from ground level.
Street trading from licensed sites in this Borough is carried
out as follows:-
Fruit and vegetables l4
Refreshments (at coffee stalls) 3
Flowers 10
Newspapers 6
In addition there are 3 stalls which are sited on private
forecourts. These are:
Fruit and vegetables 1
Shellfish 1
Clothing 1
Ninety-three visits were made to stalls during the year.
The institution of legal proceedings in respect of
unsatisfactory conditions was not necessary.

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