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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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Under the Milk and Dairies (General) Regulations, 1959, a local
authority is required to keep a register of all persons carrying on
the trade of milk distributor, and of all premises used as dairies
(other than dairy farms) in their district, and to remove from the
register the name of any person who ceases to trade as a milk
distributor, and of any premises which cease to be used as dairy
On the 31st December, 1960, entries in the register were as
(a) Number of registered distributors with premises
in the Borough. 45
(b) Number of premises in the Borough, other than
dairies from which milk is distributed 52
(c) Number of premises in the Borough registered
as dairies 1
(d) Number of registered distributors other than
those included in (a) above 16
During the year 148 applications were received, and principal
licences were granted under the Milk (Special Designation) (Raw
Milk) Regulations, 1949 to 1954, and the Milk (Special Designation)
(Pasteurised and Sterilised) Milk Regulations, 1949 to 1953,
authorising the use of special designations in relation to milk
sold at, or from premises within the Borough. 55 supplementary
licences were granted in respect of milk sold by retail within
the Borough from 22 premises not situated in the area of this authority.

Details of licences granted were as follows:-

Type of LicenceTuberculin TestedPasteurisedSterilisedTotal
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All retailers selling milk within the Borough have been licensed
to use special designations in accordance with the provisions of
Sections 37(l) and 41(1) of the Food and Drugs Act, 1955.

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