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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 35 -
New cases investigated and recorded 3
Number of families involved 3
Number of persons involved 19
Cases relieved by:-
(a) Rehousing Authorities NIL
(b) Informal or formal procedure 4
Such action resulted in 19 persons being adequately housed.
Cases on register at 31st December, 1960 25
Number of persons involved 153
To assist the Council's Property Manager in arriving at a just
consideration of the merits of each application received a "pointing"
system was evolved, and became effective in May, 1953.
As applicable, points were awarded under the following headings:-
Sub-standard accommodation;
Ill—health (excepting Tuberculosis);
Overcrowding; and
Other circumstances.
During the year, 5 applications were referred to the Public Health
Department, 4 originated from Chelsea residents and the remaining one
from an applicant living in another area. Each case was investigated3
in connection with ill-health including tuberculosis, and 2 in
respect of sub-standard accommodation, bringing the total number of cases
since May, 1953, to 334 residents and 95 non-residents.
The cases of 15 licensees in requisitioned premises and 5 tenants
in Council premises were also referred to this Department during the
year for an opinion or pointing on medical grounds. A total of 340
such cases have been dealt with since 1955.

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