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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 21 -
Institutional care became necessary for 11 persons, all of whom
settled down quite readily to a communal life.
The Women's Voluntary Services and other kind donors have continued
to dispense much needed clothing to recommended cases,, and 239 persons
were so helped in this manner during the year, as compared with 24.1 in
1959. The National Assistance Board also gives every sympathy to persons
in distress, and makes grants which ensure the securing of essential
A few people are found to be in enfeebled condition, and therefore
unable to look after themselves properly. In such cases, personal
cleansing is arranged. At the same time rooms are cleansed and
superfluous items disposed of.
A laundry service has been inaugurated by the Council with the
valued co-operation of Fulham Borough Council. Soiled linen is
collected twice weekly from the homes of incontinent persons, and
delivered to Fulham's disinfecting station where it is laundered and
later collected for return to those using the scheme. During the year
34 persons have so benefited, and some 6,928 pounds of bedding, etc.,
Christmas Dinners. Through the kindness of voluntary subscribers
and a working committee, sufficient funds were secured to provide 528
housebound and lonely old folk with a Christmas parcel containing sweets,
biscuits, chocolate, sugar, cake, tea and a miniature bottle of brandy.
Voluntary helpers carried out the distribution of the parcels during
Christmas week. In addition to this number it is known that over 200
other pensioners received some form of parcel or gift.
Old-Time Dancing Classes were held on one afternoon each week with
the services of a fully qualified teacher and pianist supplied and paid
for by the London County Council. A fee of l/6d. per term is paid by each
old person who attends. Membership of the class is now over 60 and all
members thoroughly enjoy themselves and at the same time derive great
benefit from dancing.
The Council's Social Worker made 1,944 visits to cases on the
Council's registers. In a number of cases, visits were made to people
whilst they were in hospital. Many visits were of a protracted nature,
and led to the making of a variety of enquiries, the completing of which
cannot be easily classified in a statistical report.
Outings. During the year, outings were arranged to the country
through the kindness of various Women's Institutes and the Chelsea
Rotarians. These opportunities are mainly confined to non-club members
as the clubs have their own facilities during the year. The Welfare
Officer makes every effort to ensure that only the lonely or those who
seldom go out are invited, and on all occasions tea and entertainment is

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