London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Poplar 1898

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the North District, comprising the Parish of St. Mary Stratford-le-Bow

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With regard to the notifications of infectious disease they totalled
278, against 515 in 1897. As in previous years the notifications
were principally due to diphtheria and scarlet fever, which totalled
76 and 109 respectively, the next in order being typhoid fever and
These matters will be found fully dealt with in the various statistical
tables, and also separately under their proper heads.
The zymotic death-rate for Bow during 1897 was 3.4 per 1000,
and the notification rate 6.6, comparing with 2.7 and 12.2 respectively
for 1897.
This is a remarkable result, for the number of notifications is less
by almost one half than in the previous year.
The following tables are prepared in accordance with the directions
of the Local Government Board, and they give amongst
other information the details of the various diseases that
have occurred during the year, the mortality from all
causes at different ages, the infectious diseases notified, and the total
deaths from all causes:—