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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Table of DEATHS during the year 1897, in the Plumstead Sanitary Area, London District, classified according to

Diseases, Ages , and Localities.

Names of Localities adopted for the purpose of these Statistics; Public Institutions being shewn as separate localities.Mortality from all causes, at subjoined ages.Mortality from subjoined caubes, distinguishing Deaths of Childj:en under Fivf. Years of Agk.
At all AgesUnder 1 year1 & under 55 & under 1515 & under 2525 & under 6565 & upwards12345678910ii1213141516171819202122
Small PoxScarlatinaDiphtheriaMem bran- ous Croupfevers.Cholera |Erysipelas jMeaslesWhooping CoughDiarrhoea & Dysentery |Rheumatic FeverPhthisisBronchitis, Pneumonia and PleurisyHeart DiseaseCancerInjuriesAll other DiseasesTotal
TyphusEnteric or TyphoidContinuedRelapsingPuerperal
WEST PLUMSTEAD19545195126945Under 536141612464
5 upwds.11224221810152131
EAST PLUMSTEAD49717761211714972Under 533115592402113238
5 upwds.151212513638171095259
WORKHOUSE AND INFIRMARY20384259787Under 5132612
5 upwds.141363018181667191
Totals895230842834315204Under 533122762583143314
5 upwds1813218111188744527214581
The subjoined numbers have also to be taken into account in judging of the above records of mortality.
Deaths occurring outside the district among persons belonging thereto7851658368Under 5392721
5 upwds.2121015632757
Deaths occurring within the district among persons not belonging thereto1295146356Under 51236
5 upwds.1321191314841123